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Chapter 679 Let’s Do Something Fun

  • Qiu Yuan looked at Xia Micheng with a caring look. “What do you have in mind again? Seems like someone’s going to be in trouble again.”
  • Xia Micheng’s crystal clear eyes were as bright as possible. “I did not initiate the trouble, Sir! All of them did it to themselves. Let’s not talk about this now. Mrs. Qiu must be cooking in the kitchen, right? I miss her cooking so much.”
  • Qiu Yuan smiled and said, “You little devil! You’re always so good at flattering Mrs. Qiu. She has indeed prepared many dishes and they're all your favorites. She has never even been this good to me.”
  • Xia Micheng folded her arms. “Well then, I shall enjoy myself fully tonight.”
  • Fan Qi continued to follow behind. After half an hour, the black car finally stopped. Then, Qiu Yuan and Xia Micheng entered the condominium and disappeared from her sight.
  • Immediately, Fan Qi took her phone and photographed several pictures.
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