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Chapter 647 Thanks for Giving Me the Dress

  • All of a sudden, Li Yuntong came over and tried to snatch the champagne-colored long dress from Xia Micheng.
  • Lan Feng was furious. “Li Yuntong, first come first serve. Got it? We had our eyes on the dress first. What makes you think you can snatch the dress from us?”
  • Li Yuntong reached out and held Lu Yuzhen’s arms, speaking in a coquettish voice, “Yuzhen, I want that dress. May I?”
  • The salesperson looked at Lu Yuzhen and said respectfully, “Boss.”
  • Lan Feng thought, Damn it. Ive forgotten that this biggest mall in Beijing belongs to Lu Group, and Lu Yuzhen is the boss here, so everyone must listen to him!
  • Li Yuntong looked arrogantly at Xia Micheng. “Xia Micheng, you may not be aware that Yuzhen is the boss here. If he doesn’t want to sell you that dress, you’ll have to take it off now! Yuzhen, I want that dress. Please give it to me.” Li Yuntong glued herself to Lu Yuzhen and acted coquettishly.
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