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Chapter 997 Unexpected Encounter

  • The Emperor Club was the largest and most luxurious high-end club in Beijing—a place for successful men of the upper-class to socialize and it boasted entertainment and activities that included golf, bowling, fencing and many more.
  • Ye Yuan was about to do her makeup. “Cheng, you can wait for me in the VIP lounge or you can walk around, but don’t go too far.”
  • “Alright.” Xia Micheng nodded.
  • After Ye Yuan went in, Xia Micheng walked out of the club and raised her head to look at the sky of Beijing—it had the same blue hue as the day she left.
  • At that moment, the manager of Emperor Club ran over to her in a hurry and looked at Xia Micheng. “You. Yes, you. Who allowed you to take a stroll here? We have a big shot arriving at our Emperor Club soon and we do not have enough manpower. You should quickly change your clothes and head out to welcome our customer,” the manager urgently said as he threw a set of clothes to her.
  • Xia Micheng was stunned.
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