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Chapter 605 University A Is the Best

  • University A and University T were located next to each other. The students were standing on the same street when they were looking at the results on the notice boards.
  • Li Yuntong was shocked and stupefied; she couldn’t believe her eyes upon finding out Xia Micheng’s results. She had high hopes of herself and the total mark of 736 was within her expectations. If Xia Micheng had never achieved full marks, her results would have been enough to awestrike everyone.
  • “God, Xia Micheng has gotten 750 points. How did she do it?”
  • “She’s awesome. She even defeated Yuntong.”
  • “Now, basically everyone knows who Xia Micheng is. Look how crowded it is at University A’s entrance. Many people from other universities have come here to see Xia Micheng for themselves!”
  • Li Yuntong dug her nails deep in her palms without feeling the pain. Normally, the students from other universities would come to see her. Since Xia Micheng had now become famous in Beijing with her results, she had also snatched all the honor and glory from Li Yuntong.
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