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Chapter 1495 You Must Fulfill Your Responsibility to Him!

  • What? Does that mean she is Chikai, Tiao and Yi’s great-grandma? Lin Hurou quirked up her red lips. “Hello, Madam Li. I’m Cheng’s mother. My name is Lin Hurou.”
  • Madam Li was only aware that her daughter-in-law was coming, but she didn’t know it was Xia Micheng’s mother who came. After a pause, she realized what went on. “It’s you? It’s really you! You are the one who ran away years ago after sleeping with my Zhanming, right?”
  • Lin Hurou felt awkward. Um...
  • Then, Madam Li grabbed Lin Hurou’s tiny hand. “Rou, our Li Family is a decent family. B-Back when Zhanming and you were together, he was still a... virgin. You’ve already left him once. You can’t leave him a second time, so you must fulfill your responsibility to him!”
  • Lin Hurou was rendered speechless as she finally saw that Madam Li was a cheerful doe. Then, a deep magnetic voice came to her ear. “What are you two talking about?”
  • Lin Hurou lifted her head and saw Li Zhanming in the corridor ahead of her. He had already changed to his black pajamas. Now, he wore a clean, casual green thin sweater with a pair of black long pants. He now stood elegantly in the corridor with one hand tucked in his pocket while looking at her condescendingly.
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