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Chapter 360 Girl Genius

  • “Also, I did not spend any money when I was studying, President Xia. At that time, I was recommended to be admitted to Beijing Medical School. They told me that I only had to settle my own meals. Other than that, I did not need to spend a single penny, so that is why I decided to go there.”
  • “I initially graduated when I got my double doctorate at 15 years old. However, they refused to let me go, so during the next three years, I went to Beijing a few times. Nonetheless, I cannot disclose the reason for doing so because it is top secret. Even if I tell you about it, you might not even dare to listen. I’m sure you guys know about the things that followed after that; I saved an elderly on a street in Beijing, and after returning to Haicheng City, I married Mr. Lu.”
  • Xia Micheng revealed what she had been doing for the past few years, except for the secret affair she had been doing for three years.
  • The entire crowd fell into a pin-drop silence; everyone held their breaths as they stared at Xia Micheng, who was on the stage looking baffled.
  • She was still the same girl, but at this moment, it seemed like she was wearing a layer of light that was seemingly glowing. Nobody dared to look her in the eye.
  • Xia Keke was baffled. The second she heard the ‘bang’, her world started falling apart.
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