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Chapter 1425 Shen Xiaolian’s Birthday Party

  • Xia Micheng kept her hand behind her back as a sharp flash quickly gleamed past her bright eyes. She recalled something, but she needed to verify it. Just then, a melody pierced through the silence—someone was calling her. “Princess, it's Chairman Lu.” It was Lu Yuzhen who called.
  • Xia Micheng took the phone and accepted the call. Lu Yuzhen’s low, magnetic voice came through the phone. “Cheng, where are you?”
  • “Mr. Lu, I am in Aunt Feifei’s apartment.”
  • “I’ll go and pick you up then. Let’s have dinner together.” He invited her sincerely, hoping to have dinner with her.
  • “Mr. Lu, it’s Xiaolian’s 20th birthday tomorrow. Are you sure you still can dine tomorrow if you have dinner with me tonight?”
  • “Cheng, do you want to come to her birthday party tomorrow?”
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