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Chapter 742 Xia Micheng, I’ve Been Holding Back My Lust For You For A Long Time

  • Xia Micheng was speechless; her eyes were full of his handsome face. She felt the pain on her lips, and she could certainly feel the unique, coarse sensation typical of a man’s rough finger as he rubbed her lips with his thumb. She was so embarrassed that she just wanted to avoid his touch—she even had an illusion as if he was arousing her by caressing her lips over and over again using just his finger.
  • Xia Micheng blushed immediately; she looked really mesmerizing with her reddened and exquisitely beautiful face. However, she still hadn’t lost her sanity and was not seduced by Lu Yuzhen. The man doesn’t apologize even though he has made a mistake. Now, he is trying to take advantage of me instead! Xia Micheng was impressed by his shameless behavior.
  • Smack! Xia Micheng held out her hand and smacked his large hand away. Then, she glared at him annoyingly. “No, I don’t!”
  • “Oh, forget about it then.”
  • Lu Yuzhen didn’t force himself on her. He stood up, went to get some twigs and lit them up. Flames from the twigs soon warmed up the cave.
  • It was nighttime now. Lu Yuzhen’s tall striking figure appeared vague in the dim light illuminated from the campfire while half of his body stayed hidden in the dark, away from the fire. The flames shone on his handsome face, making it look even more breathtaking and tempting. Xia Micheng felt that her mouth was dry as the fiery passion within her took control of her slowly.
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