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Chapter 728 Fantasy

  • Now that she was merely one step away from her dream, how could she be willing to give up?
  • Nevertheless, how should she win Lu Yuzhen back?
  • Li Yuntong recalled Ye Zi once saying that a girl should take the initiative in a relationship. Men always preferred women who looked pure innocent on the outside but were flirtatious enough in bed; this case was especially true for men like Lu Yuzhen, who was reserved on the outside but wild on the inside.
  • Moreover, Li Yuntong had always wanted to find an opportunity to test if there was anything wrong with Lu Yuzhen’s body and whether or not he was really impotent.
  • “Yuzhen, I won’t break off our engagement. I love you.” As Li Yuntong spoke, she raised her hands boldly and took off her overcoat. She was wearing a red slip dress inside; it revealed her fair skin and her well-rounded figure, making her look extremely seductive.
  • Then, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Lu Yuzhen’s sturdy waist from behind. “Yuzhen, please go to bed with me. I want to be your woman!”
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