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Chapter 935 Cheng, I Want You

  • Lu Yuzhen’s expression soured all of a sudden while he lost his temper. His intimidating aura shrouded over the entire dining area, and it shut Ye Youxuan up immediately. She didn’t dare utter another word.
  • “Mr. Johnson, there’s something wrong with the red wine. I can’t believe that someone actually drugged me in your resort. Don’t you think you should give me an explanation for this?” Lu Yuzhen seemed upset when he stared at Mr. Johnson.
  • Due to the unexpected turn of events, Mr. Johnson turned swiftly to the waiter who served the red wine. The waiter was guilty, and so he shot Ye Youxuan a pleading look, as if begging for help.
  • Ye Youxuan avoided his gaze, acting as if it had nothing to do with her.
  • Xia Micheng, who had remained silent all along, finally smirked. “Mr. Johnson, the waiter handled the red wine. However, it wouldn’t make sense for a mere waiter to have the courage to drug the wine unless someone is pulling the strings in secret. I believe you’d learn who the true culprit is as long as you interrogate the waiter!”
  • Mr. Johnson bellowed immediately, “Someone take this waiter away and lock him up. Carry out a thorough interrogation.”
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