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Chapter 988 Strong Genes

  • Madam Lu angrily ended the call.
  • “Young Master, did Little Young Master scare off another psychiatrist? All these psychiatrists really are second-rated. The last one brought a pen and asked questions on a paper for Little Young Master to answer so that he could try to read Little Young Master’s mind, but who would have thought that Little Young Master would be the one to turn the tables on the psychiatrist? Then, there was another one who tried to play a Rubik’s Cube with him. Our Little Young Master has been playing that since he was 2, so was that particular psychiatrist not looking for trouble himself? The last one actually tried to hypnotize Little Young Master, but before he could fall asleep, this psychiatrist fell asleep first. All these people are no match against Little Young Master,” Chong Wen moaned.
  • Lu Yuzhen kept away his phone as he frowned his dashing brows. His son had been different from other children since the day he was born because Little Kai had an IQ of over 200. With that shocking level of intelligence, he wasn’t just a genius—he was a talent. However, as Kai grew, the more he exposed his deadly weakness—he never liked playing with other kids, so he was always alone. Most importantly, Little Kai now was three years old, but he couldn’t speak. He had never opened his mouth to speak before, so the doctor stated that Kai might have a psychological issue that would turn him into a mute in the future.
  • That was the reason why the entire Lu Family arranged psychiatrists to guide little Kai into speaking so that he could play with kids his age, but sadly, the never-ending psychiatrists couldn’t convince the steadfast Kai. In the end, all of the psychiatrists left with their hands covering their doubtful face. All of them said that Little Young Master Lu just couldn’t be taught.
  • Lu Yuzhen pressed his thin lips. “Those psychiatrists are not second-rated. They were chosen from the world’s top rankings.”
  • Chong Wen remained silent as he was speechless to the situation. “Young Master, you can only blame yourself for having such strong genes. That is why a special child like Little Young Master was born.”
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