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Chapter 986 Her Name Had Become a Taboo

  • Three years had passed just like the current flowed, washing away everything that happened back then. That person seemed to have faded away from everyone’s sight in just a night. Everyone seemed to have forgotten her but, at the same time, it felt like she still lived in the deepest parts of everyone’s memory—her name was a taboo now.
  • “Wow!” Lu Yuzhen had prepared a gift for Shangguan Ruofu, so everyone quickly made voices of excitement and expectation. What exactly is this birthday gift?
  • Then, Yan Yi took two steps back before the two men in black came forward and snapped their fingers, causing the lights at the birthday party to be suddenly switched off. The darkness only added a tense and mysterious feel.
  • After that, the sound of something being popped was heard along with another snap of the finger. Lots of colorful fireworks were quickly released in the party hall and it resembled a meteor shower as they blew up in the air. In the end, all of the fireworks formed a big ‘M’ before a princess tiara was added on top of the ‘M’, which meant ‘happy birthday to the princess’.
  • Lu Yuzhen had sent Shangguan Ruofu a magical fireworks show and it was as romantic as a drama show that broke the hearts of young girls. After the fireworks show was over, the lights in the party hall were switched on again.
  • “Wow.” The noble ladies and celebrity girls couldn’t help but cover their mouths with their hands as they looked toward Shangguan Ruofu with envy.
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