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Chapter 983 She Stabbed His Heart

  • At the moment, a breeze blew over as Xia Micheng stood still in her white skirt while being in the darkness. Her long black hair swayed in the wind, forming a beautiful arc as her bright eyes and white teeth dazzled the world. Everyone was stunned as they observed her, as if she had captivated all their souls.
  • The wolf training girl written in the ancient books was real. She only showed up once in every thousand years and legend has it that not only were they cleverer than most people, they were also stunning women. Xia Micheng was that wolf training girl!
  • Su Ju glanced at Xia Micheng, who was beside him, while his dashing eyes were filled with faint shock and admiration. Xia Micheng really becomes better than the Master herself. She could do what Lin Hurou couldn’t achieve.
  • However, when Lu Yuzhen landed his sight on her, his eyes burned with a strong sense of possessiveness and paranoia. She is mine. Nobody can take her away from me, including herself.
  • Xia Micheng kept the jade flute before scanning the faces of everyone with her clear eyes. “This is what my mother left for me. If you want it, come and take it.”
  • Everybody took steps back since no one was brave enough to go up to her. They never expected Lin Hurou to leave an army of wolves for her daughter. Now, Xia Micheng was being nice to them by allowing them to take the army of wolves away, but they couldn’t. She now had an army of wolves capable of resisting a real army. If they didn’t want the night to end in a bloodbath, they should be rational with their actions.
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