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Chapter 978 She Has Found Her Way Home

  • She had actually jumped down. In a second, Lu Yuzhen’s eyes were filled with the vision of her jumping off the balcony and she disappeared from his sight in a blink of an eye. “Xia Micheng!” He roared and rushed toward the balcony to grab hold of her. However, he didn’t grab hold of anything in the end.
  • Lu Yuzhen felt that his mind was about to split into two when he quickly looked down. Xia Micheng had jumped down the balcony, but she wasn’t hurt because Su Ju stood in the night to catch her. When she fell from the balcony, he stretched his arms out so that her soft body would land straight into his arms.
  • Lu Yuzhen loosened his grip on the balcony. His heart was finally calm after seeing that she was safe. However, a huge resentment arose in his mind the next second. Xia Micheng never intended to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony because she knows that Su Ju would wait for her below. She is just using this method to escape from me. She works in collusion with Su Ju and I actually allowed her to get away from me under my sight.
  • At the bottom, Su Ju caught Xia Micheng and he gently guided her into the luxury car after the car door was opened. Then, he lifted his head and gave Lu Yuzhen a faint look before driving away. Su Ju brought Xia Micheng away with him!
  • Lu Yuzhen’s eyes were filled with specks of blood as he returned to his room. He wore his black coat and instructed Chong Wen, “Gather all the men to give Su Ju and Xia Micheng a chase. I must have her back here today!”
  • “Yes.” Chong Wen immediately issued the Yellow Order to the Zoromon. Once the order was given out, Su Ju and Xia Micheng would be wanted all over the world. Lu Yuzhen did all that he could since he was determined to snatch Xia Micheng back.
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