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Chapter 972 Followed Him Into the Room

  • Shangguan Zhou adored the Third Princess. Her mother was a beautiful woman who was from another region and adept at catching men’s hearts. Over the years, the beautiful concubines had left Shangguan Zhou, but he had always favored the Third Princess’s mother, regardless of the high turnover rate among the concubines. Rumors had spread that once Shangguan Zhou entered her room, an alluring music would be played as she was known to have mastered the art of seduction.
  • The Third Princess, Shangguan Ruofu, was intelligent and attractive from a young age and had always been sweet with her words. Whenever she was around Shangguan Zhou, she would always make him laugh out loud. Both the mother and daughter were quite good at seducing men.
  • Shangguan Ruofu stood next to Lu Yuzhen at this moment with her beautiful face standing out as she wore a long, pink dress. She raised her head as she looked at Lu Yuzhen with clear eyes that were full of adoration and pity. “Yuzhen, please do not feel sad. I know everything is Yuntong’s fault. Do let me apologize on her behalf. Speaking of which, why don’t we take a walk together tomorrow? I know an exciting place.”
  • Xia Micheng stopped and looked at Shangguan Ruofu in front of her. Shangguan Ruofu had illustrated the lengths in which a young woman would take to adore and respect a man. Such behaviors would definitely satiate a man’s desire, especially when men nowadays hardly rejected this.
  • In fact, there was nothing wrong with Shangguan Ruofu’s words. On one hand, she showed how close her relation with Li Yuntong was, but on the other hand, she used Li Yuntong to ask Lu Yuzhen out in a naive and childlike way.
  • Xia Michen’s red lips curled into a smile as she knew that this was Li Yuntong’s end. Up until now, Shangguan Ruofu was the most scheming girl with such great tactics. Once Li Yuntong, a gullible and naive person, entered the place, she would have been played around by a ragdoll by Shangguan Ruofu. Apart from that, it was quite obvious that Shangguan Ruofu had her eyes set on Lu Yuzhen and she tried to make him fall for her. She was definitely not an ordinary woman—having grown up around Shangguan Zhou’s concubines, she most probably lived her entire life seeing women fighting among each other for her father.
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