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Chapter 971 The Third Princess

  • Not only did the First Princess sleep with another man, but she is even pregnant with his child?
  • Seeing how everyone looked at her in that instant, Li Yuntong subconsciously placed her hands on her abdomen and shook her head. “No, I’m not pregnant! I’m not pregnant with his child!”
  • When she first heard that she was expecting, Li Yuntong went delirious. The amount of happiness that she felt in the beginning could not be compared to the humiliation she now suffered. She wanted to puke the fetal protection medicine that Lu Yuzhen fed her earlier. No wonder he was so willing to feed me the medicine just now. I must look like a clown in his eyes.
  • The scarred man on the ground snorted coldly. “First Princess, stop denying it anymore. You have recently been drinking fetal protection medicine and the entire palace knows about it. Since this is my child, I want nothing else but you as my wife. After you deliver to a son, who will become a prince, I do not need to worry about anything else in my life. I would make my ancestors proud, haha!”
  • Li Yuntong was so furious that her entire body trembled because it finally dawned on her that she had gotten into trouble with a jerk who would forever cling onto her. All this while, she had aimed to cling onto Lu Yuzhen, who was like a huge and stable tree to her, so that she needed not to worry about anything else in life. However, she had never expected that she would be involved with a jerk who wanted to cling onto her to enjoy a prosperous life. She had met her retribution. I don’t want to marry this man! I don’t even want the b*stard I’m carrying right now. I’m going to kill it personally!
  • “Daddy, quickly chase this man out!” Li Yuntong begged Shangguan Zhou as she was almost at the verge of breaking down.
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