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Chapter 97 Give Me a Kiss

  • Xia Micheng suffered betrayal as a child and lost everyone who loved her as well as the people she loved, which was why she now cherished everyone around her, such as Ye Yuan and Madam Lu.
  • Xia Micheng happily took the mountain of snacks before taking hold of the old lady’s aged hands. “Sure Grandma, let’s go turn on the TV and eat those snacks!”
  • ……
  • Lu Yuzhen returned early on this day. The maid pulled open the door of the manor for him. Lu Yuzhen changed into his house shoes by the entrance before stepping into the living room. He soon caught sight of Xia Micheng, who was currently sitting on the soft and fluffy sheepskin rug.
  • She was dressed in a lilac dress with straps, with a milky white fluffy cardigan layered on top of it. The hem of her skirt reached past her knees; her two slender, alabaster legs were pressed together, angled off to the side. She looked so much like a youthful stay-at-home wife.
  • Right now, her little hands clutched a bag of chips as she chomped on the crunchy snack while watching television.
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