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Chapter 958 Only if I Die

  • Lu Yuzhen witnessed that scene when he looked up. Su Ju held Xia Micheng in his embrace whereas she seemed to look up at him while whispering in his ear. Lu Yuzhen thought this was an eyesore.
  • Su Ju hugged Xia Micheng close to him. “Cheng, let’s go.” He then led Xia Micheng away.
  • Is she leaving just like that? Lu Yuzhen wiped away the trickle of blood at the corner of his lips. Then, he charged forward before reaching out with a clawed hand to attack Su Ju’s shoulder.
  • Su Ju could not be bothered to look back this time. Just when Lu Yuzhen was about to attack him, Su Ju attacked Lu Yuzhen in his chest again. Lu Yuzhen was thrown backward several meters and he threw up another mouthful of blood.
  • “Young Master!”
  • Xia Micheng, who was in front, bit her lower lip hard and she drew a faint line of blood instantly. Nevertheless, she refrained from looking back at him. He must be severely hurt. Su Ju must have directly hit his heart. That is why he’s coughing up blood.
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