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Chapter 949 She Ended This Game Herself

  • Xia Micheng shifted slightly, and she realized a large hand was holding onto hers tightly. Lu Yuzhen was holding her hand, and the man’s hot and comfortable temperature kept her slightly-cold skin constantly warm. She was rendered motionless for two seconds before she retrieved her hand gradually.
  • Lu Yuzhen woke up with a start. His narrow eyes were still slightly bloodshot since he barely slept. He stood up swiftly with his eyes fixed on her. His voice was husky from his nap, and he sounded anxious. “Cheng, you’re awake. Does it hurt anywhere? I’ll get the doctor.”
  • Xia Micheng frowned without answering him.
  • Seeing the scowl across her face, Lu Yuzhen bent down over the hospital bed while wiping away the cold sweat across her forehead. His voice was deep with anxiety, and he spoke urgently, “Tell me where it hurts. Quick, tell me!”
  • Xia Micheng finally shook her head. “I’m thirsty, and I’d like to have some water.”
  • “Sure, I’ll get some for you.” Lu Yuzhen went to get her a cup of water.
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