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Chapter 933 Hate Xia Micheng to the Bone

  • Li Yuntong shared a common enemy with Ye Youxuan because she hated Xia Micheng to the core.
  • Upon listening to Ye Youxuan asking her to sleep with Lu Yuzhen, Li Yuntong couldn’t help but think to herself, I want that more than anything. I feel weak in the knees whenever I recall that night where Lu Yuzhen moved passionately on top of me. I would love to relive that experience.
  • However, ever since that night, Lu Yuzhen had never given her the chance to approach him. He had remained by Xia Micheng’s side all this while.
  • “I want to sleep with Yuzhen too; it would be great to sleep with him every night. Nevertheless, that b*tch, Xia Micheng, has Yuzhen wrapped around her finger. I noticed that, after taking my blood, Xia Micheng’s aging disease is temporarily under control. I can’t be sure when her next attack will be, and I will only get to sleep with Yuzhen when the time comes.”
  • “No! We can’t be so passive. We have to find a way to get Lu Yuzhen to sleep with you again. We have to make sure you get pregnant with a Lu descendant without a hitch!” stated Ye Youxuan firmly.
  • Li Yuntong stared at Ye Youxuan. “How?”
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