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Chapter 93 I Have a Condition

  • Xia Keke’s exquisite face didn’t show any expression at the sight of Xia Erxiang’s overconfidence. She simply replied softly, “Erxiang, I’ve already arranged a place for you at a school abroad. You should fly over there in a few days. You don’t need to worry yourself with the matters at home.”
  • Xia Erxiang froze. She hadn’t heard that she was supposed to be sent overseas to study. “Keke, why am I studying abroad? Don’t you like me? Are you trying to chase me away?”
  • Xia Keke took hold of Xia Erxiang’s hand and softly comforted her by saying, “Erxiang, you’re my little sister; how can I not like you? It’s evident that Xia Micheng’s reason for her return is to bring our family to its knees. You will only suffer if you stay here. Don’t worry and just go abroad for your studies. I’ll be punctual when transferring you the money for your expenses every month.”
  • Xia Erxiang’s heart wavered at the mention of her living expenses. She wasn’t someone who could face Xia Micheng at any rate; the last few times she did, she came out even worse off than before. It would be good to study abroad anyway, since her living expenses would be covered.
  • “Keke, then please give me however much money I ask for.”
  • “Okay, I’ll listen to whatever you say.” Xia Keke pinched Xia Erxiang’s nose in an affectionate gesture.
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