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Chapter 910 I Like to Do It With the Lights Switched Off

  • She looked at the man shyly, only to find that his narrow eyes fell on her body for a moment, and he exhaled a puff of smoke. “Yuzhen…” Li Yuntong called him coquettishly.
  • At that moment, Lu Yuzhen got on his feet and approached her with his long legs. “So impatient, huh?”
  • She paced back step by step to the wall behind her. The man before her was at a distance from her, not touching her, but she could smell the rich, masculine scent exuding from him.
  • “Yuzhen, I love you; I’ve loved you for many years. I know that you love me too. Am I right? Though you were beguiled by Xia Micheng, I believed that it’s impossible for the feelings we have developed for over twenty years to be replaced by feelings developed in a short time. We are now married, so I believe that you will fall in love with me,” Li Yuntong said as she reached out her two little hands to hug Lu Yuzhen’s neck. However, she failed to do so as he had slammed her hard onto the large soft bed.
  • “Argh,” she cried softly.
  • Raising her eyes, she glanced at him and found him pushing half of the cigarette into an ashtray to extinguish it before he walked toward her. He raised his sculptured fingers and undid a few of the buttons on his shirt, and his tall figure pressed against her.
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