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Chapter 899 One-Love Ring

  • Li Yuntong chatted with the wives of the aristocrats and also received lots of blessings from the audience.
  • At this moment, one of the wives asked, “Miss Yuntong, since you are marrying Young Master Lu tonight, where is your one-love ring?”
  • One-love ring? Li Yuntong froze.
  • “Yeah, Miss Yuntong, show us the one-love ring! His mother, Madam Lu, founded Fly Jewelry back then. The company designs many timeless jewelry pieces. However, for reasons that we do not know, Madam Lu has never designed any jewelry and this is the only ring she has personally designed—the one-love ring. He can only give this ring to his beloved and the most special person in his life.”
  • Another rich man’s wife added, “Miss Yuntong, Young Master Lu must have given the ring to you, right?”
  • Back in the day when Lu Yuzhen’s mother, Liu Yingluo, founded Fly Jewelry, it took the jewelry world by storm. The new products from every season were heralded by these rich men’s wives and many people tried to get their hands on Fly’s collection of jewelries. As many of the jewelry pieces were limited editions, whoever bought the items from Fly Jewelry would be able to flaunt the pieces for the entire year when they played card games or when they attended a dinner party. Hence, Liu Yingluo’s one-love ring had always been a legend and everyone wanted to see how it looked like at the wedding.
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