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Chapter 895 A Storm Is Approaching

  • Madam Lu heaved a sigh and looked at Xia Micheng, who was fast asleep on the bed. “Zhen, Micheng’s character is pure and strong. A woman like her would never stand the presence of another woman. No matter what excuse you have for betraying her, she would not accept it. You can only hide this from her. Once she knows that you married Li Yuntong, she will try her best to leave you. When that happens, you guys will reach the end of your relationship,” Madam Lu advised him with a sorrowful and affectionate tone.
  • When Madam Lu left, Lu Yuzhen walked to the bed and sat beside Xia Micheng as he looked at her curled up into a small ball. He lowered his head to kiss her forehead. Truth be told, he actually felt quite insecure. Everyone knew that she would never stand to share the same man with another woman. Just a few moments ago, she even warned him about this when they cuddled—if he had any entanglements with other women, she would say goodbye to him.
  • Lu Yuzhen kissed her forehead and mumbled in a low voice, “Micheng, please don’t leave me. I won’t let you leave me.”
  • The next morning, Xia Micheng realized that Lu Yuzhen had already left when she woke up. She walked into the shower to wash up and noticed that her hair still dropped; in fact, she had wanted to cut her long hair off. However, she hesitated because Mr. Lu loved her long hair the most.
  • At this moment, Xia Micheng felt a jab of pain on her face. Then, the glass that she held fell into the basin. When she raised her head to look at her reflection in the mirror, she realized that her face was ash pale and cold sweat had broken out on her forehead. Her little face looked as if it had been slashed by a knife due to the feeling of it being torn apart.
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