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Chapter 891 Where Is She Now?

  • Li Zhanming and Lu Yuzhen stood together in a row. Never had they ever thought that Lin Hurou had a fiancé and he was the King of Huaxi Province.
  • Lu Zhengzhe resembled a sly, cunning fox. His gaze fell on Li Zhanming’s handsome face as he spoke, “Zhanming, Shangguan Zhou loves Lin Hurou a lot and treats her like an invaluable treasure. However, it was a pity that Lin Hurou didn’t like him at all and called off their engagement. After that, Shangguan Zhou hated you with all of his might because he thought that you were the one who seduced Lin Hurou.”
  • Li Zhanming was speechless when he heard that.
  • Lu Yuzhen felt confused when he heard about these matters about his parents-in-law. I-Is it appropriate for me to hear about these?
  • “Dad, the world's richest men like my father-in-law are all quite good looking yet his wife has cheated on him. Isn’t this going overboard?” Lu Yuzhen felt that it was better if he sided Li Zhamming for now.
  • Lu Zhengzhe shrugged. “Your mother-in-law is the queen of a mysterious country. People like Shangguan Zhou could only be the officials who serve her. If she didn’t pick him out of random, he wouldn’t even stand a chance!”
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