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Chapter 876 It Is Over, He Has Offended His Father-in-Law!

  • Chong Wen nodded. “By the way, Young Master, I have something to report to you. Didn’t you ask me to keep an eye on Li Zhanming? There is some movement from his side.”
  • Lu Yuzhen raised his eyebrows. “What movement?”
  • He already ordered Chong Wen to keep an eye on Li Zhanming from the start. He doesn’t even stand a chance to snatch my woman away!
  • “Young Master, it’s quite odd over at Li Zhanming’s place. During these two days, his personal butler brought two strands of hair to perform a DNA paternity test.”
  • What? Just when Chong Wen’s words reached Lu Yuzhen, he froze while holding his cigarette. Then, he looked toward Chong Wen. “A DNA paternity test? Is it Li Zhanming and Li Yuntong’s?”
  • Chong Wen nodded. “I think so.”
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