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Chapter 872 Can I Sleep With You Tonight?

  • He realized that he was deceived, and everyone around him knew about it except him, so he focused his attention because he knew that she was the breach. Therefore, he came to the Lu Residence early in the morning and framed Lu Zhengzhe right in front of him.
  • Xia Micheng let out a giggle after being amused by him. She knew that she must have looked foolish as she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Then, Lu Yuzhen kissed her eyes again and again. “Micheng, I’m so sorry that I’ve come late. I’ve abandoned you for too long, my dear Mrs. Lu.”
  • She lowered her long brows before slowly reaching out to hold his firm waist. Afterward, she buried her face into his arms. “Mr. Lu, you have found me.”
  • “Micheng, nobody will ever separate us again. In this life and the next few lives, you will always be mine.”
  • This man really is domineering! Now, on the busy street, Xia Micheng leaned her head against his chest as she heard a strong beat coming from his heart. Her whole world suddenly became silent. Actually, it’s good that my Mr. Lu is back.
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