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Chapter 871 I Must Find the Answers

  • Lu Yuzhen stared at her as his eyes were now filled with her appearance. He pressed his thin lips and spoke in a hoarse voice, “Micheng.” He had a lot to say to her, but in the end, he only murmured her name.
  • Xia Micheng looked at him with a pale face. “Have... you recovered your memory?”
  • He nodded. “Yes. I’ve gone through hypnosis and recovered my memory.”
  • “Then, do you know that your second personality may resurface if you force the return of your memory? Have you considered the consequences?”
  • “But I want to find the past that I had with you and become your beloved… Mr. Lu.”
  • Suddenly, the white rim of Xia Micheng’s eyes turned red before being quickly covered by a layer of crystal clear water. She then rose to her full height and left without looking back. Lu Yuzhen got up immediately and chased after her.
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