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Chapter 857 Someone Is Visiting

  • Li Yuntong’s face turned pale as she never expected her daddy to firmly reject her request. Now, my mommy is in prison, my grandfather has been poisoned, Ye Youxuan is afraid of losing her comfortable life, and I wouldn’t dare to find that psycho, Ye Mengxiao, but now even my daddy wouldn’t help me accomplish my schemes. What should I do now?
  • “I’m going to visit your mommy now. Do you want to come?” Li Zhanming asked.
  • The prison? Li Yuntong immediately withdrew her hands and righteously said to him, “I don’t want to. Mommy had done so many terrible things before and she even incited me to commit suicide by cutting my wrist. She is no longer my mommy, so I won’t visit her!”
  • Li Zhanming glared at her. Li Yuntong felt that her head became numb when she noticed his look. “Daddy, did I say something wrong? I didn’t do anything. I was instigated by grandfather and mommy back then.”
  • “I know.” After that, Li Zhanming lifted his leg and left. The shadows of him and his personal butler quickly disappeared out of sight.
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