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Chapter 848 He Calls Her Mrs Lu

  • He had acted in a weird manner tonight as if he had been stimulated by something and he seemed excited. “Lu Yuzhen, what’s wrong with you?” Xia Micheng asked.
  • Lu Yuzhen slowly raised his right hand and stuck out his slender index finger in front of her without saying anything as he waited for her to respond.
  • Looking at this slender index finger, Xia Micheng raised her soft little hand and gently held onto his finger, wrapping his finger into her soft palm. As red flames were ignited in his pair of eyes, the muscle all over his body became tense and he barely contained the surging desire in him. His thin lips parted before his low and husky voice was heard. “Mrs. Lu.”
  • After such a long time, Xia Micheng finally heard the familiar title of Mrs. Lu. Mrs. Lu. He actually calls me Mrs. Lu! Her pupils contracted before it dilated. “Lu Yuzhen, you…”
  • His memory had not completely recovered, so he did not intend for her to know about this for the fear that he would scare her. Curling his lips up, he exclaimed, “Isn’t that right? Xia Micheng, you are my little bride!”
  • Twenty years ago, she was the baby girl that held his index finger and refused to let it go while smiling sweetly at him. Twenty years later, she was the substitute bride who married into Orchid Garden and became his Mrs. Lu. That baby’s delicate face in his memories and this stunning little face before his eyes overlapped with each other.
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