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Chapter 838 Discuss a Deal

  • Lu Yuzhen had read all the background information about Yang Xiaoshuang and it matched what the bar owner said. Silently, he finished listening to one song before he said, "I'll be waiting for her in the private room."
  • ---
  • Soon after he entered the luxury private room, he heard footsteps coming from outside as well as the bar owner speaking in a hushed voice, "Xiaoshuang, President Lu is a prominent person in Beijing. We can’t afford to offend him. Even if you don't want to, you must meet him."
  • The private room door was pushed open and the bar owner brought Yang Xiaoshuang in.
  • Putting up a defensive face as she stared at Lu Yuzhen, Yang Xiaoshuang said, "I only perform and nothing else."
  • Lu Yuzhen smiled faintly. "I know that. Don't be nervous. I don't have any funny ideas. I'm here to discuss a deal with you. Take a look at this," he said and threw a folder on the coffee table.
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