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Chapter 834 Using a Beauty in a Badger Game

  • Madam Lu froze, but she recovered her composure quickly and chuckled lightly. "Cheng is a really likeable girl. Don't you like her, Zhen?"
  • Raising one eyebrow sharply, Lu Yuzhen knew well that everyone from the Lu family were incredibly sharp; it would be an impossible task to try and find out anything from Lu Zhengzhe or Madam Lu, so he switched the topic of their conversation. "Grandma, have you met Ye Mengxiao when he was young?"
  • Searching her memory, she replied, "I'm not familiar with that grandson of the Ye family. All I know is, Old Master Ye was really strict with him since he was young, and he did not allow him to make friends or go outside to play. In the beginning, it was Old Master Ye who kept him in the room, but gradually, it became a habit for him to lock himself in his room."
  • "He has been cold and indifferent since young. I remember once at a birthday party, a kitten ran to him and rubbed against his feet. He kicked it aside and then soon after, the owner of the kitten, a little girl, ran over, grabbed him by the arm and bit him..."
  • Almost immediately, Lu Yuzhen understood the main point of the story and interjected, "Grandma, are you saying a little girl once bit Ye Mengxiao?"
  • Nodding, she replied, "That's right."
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