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Chapter 82 Li Qianhui Gets a Lash

  • Li Qianhui looked at Luo Fu. “Who else could I marry besides him? You? You’re my godfather though. That shrew of yours would have eaten me alive.”
  • Luo Fu’s breath became unsteady at her flirting. He squeezed her slender and supple waist hard, saying, “See me at my hotel room tonight.”
  • Li Qianhui was thinking the same thing. Xia Chunyang needed investment, but Luo Fu wasn’t one who wore a ten-dollar hat on a five-cent head. He wouldn’t throw his money in Xia Chunyang’s business unless she slept with him.
  • “Xia Micheng, have you seen it? Dad has made Mom so angry that she didn’t even want to dance with him. You should come to terms with the reality now. My Mom is the ruler of our family as long as Mr. Luo is here!” said Xia Erxiang arrogantly.
  • Xia Micheng ignored her and turned to look at Xia Chunyang with a worried and obedient expression. “Dad, Erxiang just said you made Auntie so angry that she didn’t even want to dance with you. She also said that Auntie is the ruler of the family. I’m so sorry, Dad. You got punished by Auntie because of me.”
  • As the music had sounded, Xia Micheng purposely raised her voice enough to be heard by the distinguished guests around them as she said that.
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