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Chapter 815 A Fall-Out Between the Lu and Ye Family

  • The rest of the guests from the wedding ceremony were keen to go into the research center too, but they were kept out by the security guards stationed around the place. “Excuse me, only authorized personnel are allowed inside.”
  • Ye Mengxiao had been having tea in the center all that while. In fact, he had been waiting for several hours already, but he still looked calm and composed without a single trace of impatience on his face.
  • At that moment, Old Master Ye and Ye Youxuan walked over to him. Looking excited to see Ye Mengxiao as if he was her last hope, Ye Youxuan immediately wrapped her hands around his arm. “Mengxiao, something bad happened! Aunt Ye Zi was arrested and my wedding ceremony was ruined, and Xia Micheng has brought Xinang here!”
  • Ye Mengxiao did not look surprised at all as he reckoned the time he had spent here must have been more than enough for Xia Micheng to cause a huge mess at the wedding ceremony. His aunt, Li Yuntong, as well as Ye Youxuan were all not shrewd enough to be Xia Micheng’s match.
  • It seemed like Xia Micheng had already dealt with three women at the wedding ceremony.
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