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Chapter 807 The Wedding Ceremony

  • It was only at that moment did Ye Zi realize what was so scary about Xia Micheng because she knew better than anyone else what she loved and dreaded the most—she valued pride and she was vain, and she dreaded losing the things she owned the most. Therefore, Xia Micheng cruelly punctured the bubble of vanity she had been living in and made her lose everything.
  • Now, Xia Micheng was even attacking her verbally with her sarcastic remarks, and she was right—Ye Zi had lost everything she ever cared about, and she was shunned by her own beloved family as though she was a poisonous creature. Xia Micheng had enlightened her of how ironic her whole life actually was.
  • As tears slowly welled in Ye Zi’s eyes and beads of tears started trickling down her face, she cried her heart out agonizingly.
  • At that juncture, the police officers approached and took her away with them.
  • As soon as Ye Zi was taken away, the members of the Ye family felt the most awkward at the scene. At first, Old Master Ye had managed to salvage his image by prioritizing justice above his own daughter, but his reputation then suffered a huge blow because of Xia Micheng’s comment. Even Li Yuntong and Ye Youxuan came under fire too.
  • “It’s commonly said that those who come to a miserable end brought it on themselves. Ye Zi indeed deserves to be arrested for her murder attempt, but my heart still goes out for her seeing how miserable she looked when she was taken away.”
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