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Chapter 802 That Pair of Beautiful Eyes in His Dreams

  • Li Zhanming stepped forward and asked softly, “Mom, when did you wake up? Why didn’t Madam Lee inform me about this?”
  • Without answering him, Madam Li held Xia Micheng’s slender hands and said with an amiable smile, “Zhanming, let me officially introduce this girl to you. This is Micheng.”
  • Li Zhanming looked up, and his eyes fell on Xia Micheng’s palm-sized pretty face as well as her bright and mesmerizing eyes.
  • His heart lurched, and his eyes widened at once. He had seen those beautiful eyes before!
  • The girl who had audaciously straddled his well-toned lower abdomen before had the same beautiful eyes.
  • Yet, when he woke up the next day, he only found Ye Zi by his side who did not have those eyes. There had been once or twice where he stood at the french windows, examining Ye Zi’s face, and it had made him suspect that that pair of beautiful eyes might have been only a figment of his imagination because after all, he had drunk heavily that night, and it had been dark inside the room.
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