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Chapter 800 No One Can Foresee the Future

  • Lu Yuzhen was wearing a black windbreaker, which he removed the moment he stepped into the villa and handed it to his personal assistant who was walking behind him. Now, he was dressed in a black handmade suit which made him look suave and distinguished. Strutting into the villa at a firm and confident pace, everyone’s attention was quickly drawn to him.
  • He was here to attend the wedding too.
  • At the sight of Lu Yuzhen, Li Yuntong’s heart started thumping at a frenzied rate. At a place where all the big shots of the city gathered, Lu Yuzhen, an up-and-coming entrepreneur of the younger generation, looked like a dazzling newborn star. Being at the age when one looked the most attractive and energetic, all eyes were on him as though he was a magnet.
  • The crowd automatically cleared a path for him. After a cursory glance at his surroundings with his profound and unpredictable eyes, Lu Yuzhen walked toward the crowd.
  • The big shots around Li Yuntong started nodding in approval and lamented, “Everytime I see Young Master Lu, I realize how old I really am. I think Young Master Lu is going to dictate the future of the business world.”
  • Li Zhanming, who had been staying overseas for the recent years, too fixed his gaze on Lu Yuzhen before turning to look at Lu Zhengzhe. “That son of yours resembles you the most.”
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