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Chapter 783 Feeling Aggrieved

  • X? Ye Zi, of course, knew the mysterious genius physician, X, who shocked the whole Beijing with unusual medical talent back then. However, X’s identity had not been revealed before and no one knew who X was exactly.
  • “Yuntong, why do you want me to find X all of a sudden?” asked Ye Zi.
  • Of course there was a reason why Li Yuntong wanted to find X.
  • This morning, two nurses went outside after helping her change the bandage on her wrist. However, they didn’t leave straight away. They stood outside the room and gossiped with each other quietly instead.
  • “Miss Yuntong is so beautiful. She is the prettiest lady in Beijing, but it’s a pity now that she was left with a scar on her wrist!”
  • “Yeah, the scar will follow her everywhere forever, like a flaw that had suddenly appeared on a perfect and beautiful handcraft.”
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