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Chapter 768 Xia Micheng and Her Men

  • “What did I say in the first place, Micheng? I told you that you’re someone who works wonders; the people on the Internet are simply jealous of you. It’s alright, we’ll take our own path; it will be fine as long as they are unable to duplicate the same path,” said Lan Feng in a joyful manner.
  • On the other hand, Xia Micheng was speechless.
  • Just then, a melodious ringtone had sounded; someone was calling her.
  • Xia Micheng accepted the call when she immediately heard Liu Zhaodi’s furious voice from the other end. “Xia Micheng, will you only be satisfied after ruining my Lu Xinang? Why should Xinang take responsibility over the troubles that you’ve caused?”
  • “Madam Lu, what has happened to Xinang?” Xia Micheng frowned.
  • “The matter of you buying a contraception pill was exposed on the entertainment news today. When Xinang was about to leave the main door, he was surrounded by a bunch of media reporters. He can’t even budge an inch right now! Xia Micheng, if you’re kind enough, please come over and explain to the reporters right away that you’ve been constantly pestering Lu Yuzhen. Lu Xinang is innocent, so don’t hurt him!”
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