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Chapter 762 The Whip Landed on His Body

  • Lu Zhengzhe said, “Like her mother, Micheng is not from around here. Sooner or later, she’ll also disappear at the world’s end. To be precise, she did not disappear. Instead, she has returned home.”
  • Returned home?
  • Xia Micheng immediately leaped up from the sofa before looking at Lu Zhengzhe with a look of shock. “Are you saying that my mother has returned home?”
  • Lu Zhengzhe nodded. “Yes, so that’s why you need to find your way back home.”
  • Xia Micheng was flabbergasted. She thought that her mother had disappeared, but it turned out that her mother had simply returned to that mysterious country.
  • The mysterious country that disappeared at the world’s end; nobody knew the way back home.
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