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Chapter 755 Targeted by Ye Mengxiao

  • Lu Yuzhen closed his eyes for a moment; as his protruding Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, he forcibly drove all the memories out of his mind and stopped thinking about that.
  • His thin lips curled up into a sneer. If she thinks that the matter simply ends at that, she is as wrong as wrong can be. Everyone must bear the consequences for what he or she has done, he thought to himself.
  • Xia Micheng returned to Radio Station D; she had to continue hosting her radio program as the relationship-counseling night-time program had started to broadcast.
  • Radio Station D had attracted a lot of attention right now because of Lu Yuzhen. After reciting a love poem in a clear and sweet voice, Xia Micheng got ready to establish the hotline.
  • Just then, a few people appeared by the door to Radio Station D; all of them were led by Li Yuntong.
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