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Chapter 754 Is She Running Away After Having Slept with Me?

  • Lu Yuzhen was here.
  • He wore a well-cut black suit on this day with a folded white silk handkerchief in his suit pocket. After stepping out of the car, he walked on the red carpet at a steady pace while emanating the aura of a domineering chairman. He appeared cool and noble as he stood above the masses, but one could tell that he was heartless and indifferent, for he had alienated himself from the others.
  • Yet, such a man had so many labels attached to him right now, including ‘molester’, ‘pervert’, and ‘an impotent man’…
  • Such a striking contrast made all the reporters on the scene push and squeeze their way out to him in a frenzy. The scene was packed with a dense crowd as everyone scrambled to hand their microphones over.
  • “Chairman Lu, may I ask what is your relationship with Xia Micheng?”
  • “Chairman Lu, are you and your brother rivaling each other to win Xia Micheng’s heart over? Will the both of you fall out because the two of you are competing for her heart?”
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