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Chapter 750 She and Lu Yuzhen Hit the Entertainment Headlines

  • Xia Micheng asked, “Daddy Xia and Mommy Lan, since the Seventh Disciple sells information, there must be a way to contact him. How can we get in touch with him?”
  • Xia Gu shook his head. “We can never get in touch with him; he’s the one who gets in touch first with those who want to buy information.”
  • “What?”
  • “You didn’t hear me wrong, Micheng. He’s always the one who gets in touch with those who want to buy information. If you want to buy information, get the money ready and wait until the Seventh Disciple, the god of fortune, falls into your lap. The deals are never equal since you’re chosen by the Seventh Disciple; that’s why the Seventh Disciple is a legendary figure in Beijing and a person that strikes terror into one’s heart as one thinks more about him.”
  • Xia Micheng was a little discouraged. If what Xia Gu said was true, she could never find the Seventh Disciple.
  • She was merely inches away from finding Su Ju out last time.
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