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Chapter 75 The Conspiracy

  • Ever since Ye Yuan entered the entertainment industry, her appearance and acting skills had validated her existence, which was how she brought herself to top popularity. Moreover, her recent post on Twitter was related to Xia Micheng, hence it garnered even more attention from the netizens.
  • Some cruel netizens had made a detailed comparison of Xia Micheng to the person in the explicit photo from every single perspective. They had digged out information on which part of her appearance that seemed to be the result of plastic surgery, and they even deduced how many operations she had gone through.
  • Ye Yuan—with her brown, curly hair let down—also showed up in the photo. She had wide sunglasses over her palm-sized face, looking delicate and enchanting, like red roses that had just blossomed .
  • Xia Micheng wore a veil as usual, showing the side of her face. Her elegant facial outline was exquisitely fine, fully exhibiting her unrivalled beauty. Her beauty was utterly pure and untainted like a ray of moonlight.
  • Both Xia Micheng and Ye Yuan had defined the two extremes to a woman’s beauty.
  • Soon, the title ‘Micheng of the South and Yuan of the North’ had made it to the hot search on Twitter.
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