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Chapter 748 Micheng Is Indeed a Person of Great Deeds!

  • Lu Yuzhen was speechless. What did she say? Shouldn’t that be my line?
  • His mind was in a complete jumble; everything that happened that night was in total chaos, including both their positions and their lines. Furthermore, Lu Yuzhen was the one being bullied—it was simply jaw-dropping.
  • “Get off me, Xia Micheng! I’m warning you for the last time. Don’t touch me, or I’ll make you and the entire Xia Family die with you for the misdeeds you have done today… Mmmm!”
  • Xia Micheng went back to the Xia Residence deep in the night.
  • Since it was very late at that moment, she crept into the residence and went upstairs quietly, not wanting to wake anyone up.
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