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Chapter 738 If I Die, You Will Be Buried With me

  • The anger radiating from Lu Yuzhen greatly dissipated as he felt the docile girl pressed against his chest. He reached out a strong arm to wrap around her slender body, pulling her into his embrace. “Xia Micheng, why are you always getting into trouble? Can’t you stop for a while?”
  • A thought suddenly came to Xia Micheng, and she looked up at Lu Yuzhen with her shiny clear eyes. “What did you see when you came over earlier?”
  • If this place could make people see the thing that they yearned for the most, she had seen her mother’s treasure chest, but what exactly did he see?
  • Lu Yuzhen lowered his gaze to look at Xia Micheng. “What do you mean? I saw you. I saw you running toward the edge of the cliff!”
  • He saw me?
  • Xia Micheng was stunned; he saw her. Did it mean that what his heart yearned for the most was her, or was he simply unaffected by the effects of the needle technique and couldn’t be tricked by it?
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