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Chapter 736 I Just Enjoy Being a Ruffian to Her

  • Xia Micheng didn’t know what to say; her mind was currently a mess. The more she wanted to put down clearer boundaries with him, the more he became entangled with her. “I’m sorry, Mister—the reception here isn’t too great. What did you say… Hello? Hello, Mister? Are you still there…” Xia Micheng quickly hung up the call.
  • Inside his Rolls-Royce, Lu Yuzhen listened to the beeping tone on his phone; he was so furious that he had even thought of hurling his phone. She just liked to put on an act—even hanging up on him deliberately. Just then, his phone rang. He had a sudden influx of private messages. He had downloaded the broadcasting station’s app and made an account because he wanted to tune in to her broadcast on Radio Station D. Now, his account had been found and netizens were leaving comments for him.
  • Netizen A: ‘Hey, are you a pervert? Go see a doctor if something is wrong with you. How can you be so indecent toward a DJ?’
  • Netizen B: ‘Hey bro, don’t leave. I’ve got this super secret remedy that my ancestors have passed down—it’s specifically for treating ED. You should have it too!’
  • Netizen C: ‘Hello there, Mister. I’m the prettiest girl of X University, Ling. I want to get to know you.’
  • Just who were these people? Lu Yuzhen quickly furrowed his handsome brows. He had been born into an elite family, and was a highly-influential person. His circle of friends simply consisted of other sons from elite families such as Gu Longfan; he had never ever interacted with these greasy, lowly people before, and he was displeased. He mainly used this phone for business purposes; he had only downloaded the app and created an account with his number so that he could call her while she was on air, but he hadn’t expected to see such a huge flow of slander and cursed messages coming in. The lines on Lu Yuzhen’s forehead increased. He didn’t delete his account. Instead, he replied to those netizens with a cold and blank expression on his face.
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