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Chapter 717 Madam Li Is Still Madam Li

  • Li Zhanming was Madam Li’s only son; she initially hoped for him to have children of his own and expand the family tree, but Li Zhanming had no interest in women. Hence, when Ye Zi was pregnant, Madam Li could only agree to it.
  • However, Ye Zi had an affair later on and Li Zhanming seldom came home since he was occupied with his work. As Li Yuntong grew up, Madam Li had actually wanted Li Zhanming to divorce Ye Zi. That way, Li Zhanming could find a good woman and have another child.
  • However, Li Zhanming couldn’t be bothered at all; he had no interest in women. To him, whoever was Mrs. Li made no difference.
  • Nevertheless, Madam Li still did not give up on this matter. Throughout the years, she sent countless people to investigate Li Zhanming’s personal life only to find that there weren’t any women in his life—not even a single female soul.
  • Madam Li walked over and picked up the phone. “Hello.”
  • Soon, Li Zhanming’s deep yet attractive voice came from the other end of the phone. “Hello, Mom. Happy birthday, and may you stay forever young.”
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