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Chapter 714 Drugging in His Drink

  • Li Yuntong tugged at Ye Zi’s sleeve in disgruntlement. “Mommy, look at Grandma! Why does Grandma treat us like this? Xia Micheng is just an outsider. Are we not even comparable with an outsider?”
  • Ye Zi couldn’t feel the pain even though her nails had dug into her palms from clenching her fists so tightly. Since all the attention on her and her daughter had been snatched away, Ye Zi felt like she had been stripped of all her dignity.
  • She couldn’t understand why Madam Li doted on Xia Micheng.
  • Why is Xia Micheng the one?
  • Despite Madam Li having spent most of her time in the Li Residence, she was observant and alert on everything that happened outside. Lately, the incident between Xia Micheng and the Ye Family had stirred up Beijing, so she believed that Madam Li must have known about it. However, Madam Li had chosen to take Xia Micheng’s side. Her reaction was as though she was giving a warning to everyone that Xia Micheng was part of the Li Family, that she was the granddaughter she preferred!
  • Madam Li and Xia Micheng are not related at all, Ye Zi thought.
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