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Chapter 712 Her Birthday Present

  • All of the sudden, the hall door was opened and two figures came into everyone’s sight. Lu Xinang and Xia Micheng were here!
  • Everyone immediately turned their gazes to the duo and they all gasped upon seeing the dress that Xia Micheng was wearing.
  • Oh god! Xia Micheng is wearing a starry dress too!
  • Xia Micheng had donned the starry dress given by Madam Li. The slip dress design had not only showcased her fair shoulders and attractive collarbone, but the majestic navy-blue and the sequins that were hand-stitched on the dress also made Xia Micheng look breathtakingly beautiful. As the sequins sparkled like the dazzling stars in the sky, the flowy dress made Xia Micheng look graceful with every step she took.
  • Despite what Li Yuntong wore was exquisite as well, the difference became obvious the moment Xia Micheng showed up. Since the upper social class and the rich young ladies were familiar with luxury brands, they could immediately spot that Xia Micheng was wearing the genuine dress after comparing it with Li Yuntong’s dress!
  • Li Yuntong was really wearing a clothing sample!
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